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Western Cape Climbing - Provincial Sporting Structure

WCC has adopted a financial policy that is aimed at ensuring good financial discipline and transparency.  Our books are audited by Galbraith Rushby, a Cape Town auditing firm that has been assisting us in this regard for approximately 10 years.

The organisation administration is run entirely on volunteers.  We do pay our coaches, route-setters, medics etc and hope to grow the professionalism in these areas by supporting them financially and with education as far as we are able.


Our Income is derived from a few primary Sources:

*   Grants from the Provincial Department of Sport
*   Fundraising Efforts by the Management committee.

*   Subscription Fees,

*   Competition Fees and High-Performance coaching!






What we spend the money on.  Our primary expenses are:

*   Competition costs (primarily venue hire and route setting with a little for prizes)

*   High Performance coaching (90% funded by those in the programme)
*   Capacity Development such as workshops for Route Setters, Coaches, Judges etc.
*   Administration costs such as website, cloud based storage and accounting, meeting costs            auditors fees etc

We appreciate your support to create this environment in which our athletes can compete and continue to grow!

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