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Competition climbing and bouldering in

the Western Cape and Cape Town

Western Cape Climbing, the home of sport climbing in the Western Cape, is the official provincial sporting federation with the responsibility to manage and develop the sport of climbing in the Western Cape. 

We are a registered NPO  (Reg# 130-033)  and PBO (# 930045807) in good standing with the Western Cape Sport Confederation and our National Federation.  The federation has four active districts, Cape Town, Winelands, Overberg and West Coast. The Cape Town district, with a number of active climbing gyms is the largest and most active.  Most climbing activities are administered through the provincial federation.

WCC is affiliated to the South African National Climbing Federation (SANCF) and the South African Olympic Committee SACOC. These affiliations provide the opportunity for our best athletes to compete at national and international level with provincial or national (Protea) colours.

We aim to make the sport as accessible and fun as possible to encourage a large base of youth climbers and have re-introduced inter-varsity competitions to the SA scene giving continuity to the competition scene after school.


Climbing has always been a very inclusive sport with men and women of all persuasions and ages  climbing as friends alongside each other.  We still have much work to do to include those from disadvantaged areas and backgrounds to introduce them to a sport which in not well known in their lives. 


Our Innovative High performace program for the elite climbers leads the way for competition climbing in South Africa and our core executive is a really cohesive group supported by really fine committee volunteers.  Between us we are all ready to pich in where required to manage and grow the sport to the best of our abilities.


Rolf Fitschen

Dad of two promising young girls.  Too much energy and full of great ideas!


Tiffany Wells
Vice President
High Performance
Head Coach


Also SANCF Athlete rep, passionate boulderer & generally wise lady!

WCC_Carike Pepler.jpg

Carike Pepler

The Star who keeps our finances on track.

Mother of two excellent young climbers and a climber herself, their climbing prowess will be as much valued as Carike's accounting expertise.


Geoff Meyer

SANCF Secretary General


Engineer & photographer. Dedicated father and prepared to get the work done!

Executive  TEAM


Sandy Young

Mom of two star climbers, Coach and climber herself.

Also way to smart for some of us!


Landon Myer
Schools & Membership


Corné Kooyman

Management TEAM

who also help with everything


Chris Naudé
Past President
SANCF President

Next challenge is to develop the national structures and organization.

Motto - "Do the right thing!"

Keith Daly.jpg

Keith Daly 



The Wizard

Transformation entail’s introspection and confrontation within one’s self - sometimes, there’s a gentleness, or even joy awaiting us that we’ve denied or drowned out

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