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Climbing Matters!

Climbing Matters #3
Kelly Scholtz:  Dietician
Hanlie Jordaan: Dietician

Speaking to a small but enthusiastic group of climbers and parents, two leading Cape Town dieticians Hanlie Jordaan and Kelly Scholtz discussed nutrition for climbing at CityROCK on Friday 10th September.

The discussion dealt with the diet needs for various climbing activities and introduced the differences between the rquirements for the various disciplines as well as the energy and health requirements before, during and after intense training sessions.  This has been a topic of great interest to climbers and parents of climbers who would like to ensure a healthy diet for the competitive climber as well as general wellness for the recreational climbers.  Even though some of the detail was clearly extremely technical , they conveyed practical suggestions for managing the energy requirements for our sport.  We would love to engage their skills in this area in our high performance centre where we will deal with individual requirements.

Our sincere thanks and gratitude to Hanlie and Kelly for their generous sharing of their time and expertise.


The discussion will be published on our YouTube channel shortly. 

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