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2021-CLIMBER Ranking

Western Cape Climbing has taken the step of inviting competitive climbers from other provinces to our competitions.  We have combined the results from the African Continental Championship 2020 & 2021 and the provincial competitions in Gauteng 2021 and Western Cape 2021 (as these are the only current competition results available to us.)  The rankings will be updated after the 2022 National Championships in March.


We believe that a ranking system such as this is not only essential for selections and tie breaks but also as a source of motivation for our better climbers and will encourage them to participate in as many competitions as possible therby improving the standard of competition climbing!

The results taken from International, National and other Provincial competitions are combined to create a weighted score depending on the status of the relevant competion (Competition Field Strength)  This is then rolled up to a total score.  Starting with the National Championship in 2022, the weighting will be done per category within a competition and will include any provincial competition scores that are made available to us.

The ranking reaches across provinces although we have, for selection purposes a subset of WCC only ranking.

Principles of the Ranking System

  • The purpose of a ranking system will be to aid selections as well as to resolve any tie in a competition where no provision for a Super-final has been made.

  • Ranking points can be gained at International, Continental, National and Provincial competitions.

    • In the future we may add competitions organised by the commercial gyms if they qualify.  (Details of qualification will still need to be fleshed out)

  • Ranking points are obtained for the first 10 places in a competition starting at 100 for 1st place dropping roughly by 25% per place. i.e 100, 75, 55, 42, 30 etc.

  • Only the most recent competitions will accumulate full points.  i.e the most recent provincial comp in that province, most recent national comp etc.  Competitionss older than a year will be weighted lower.

  • Because we currently have relatively low participation numbers the competitors tied at the bottom with no Zones achieved (for bouldering) will get no points regardless of the placing.

  • The more national and provincial championships competed in, the more points will be gained.

  • The weighting of a competition will be judged on field strength.  To start with we have chosen an initial field strength of

    • 1 for Continental and National competitions.

    • 0.5 for Provincial competitions.

    • This gets more interesting once we have started the ranking as we can use the actual ranking and number of athletes to calculate a field strength.  i.e the number and ranking of the participants at a competition.  So, a provincial that has all the ranked competitors taking part will gain the maximum number of points just as a national championship would.

  • We have kicked this off with the results from the African Continental Championship (ACC) in 2020 and the provincial competitions held by GC and WCC in 2021.  

  • For Ranking purposes, a tie is considered acceptable.

  • The ranking system will cater for competitors moving from one age category to the following by further weighting the points earned.  Currently this is not necessary with the lack of suitable competitions due to Covid-19.

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