2013 National Lead Climbing Competition

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Western Province finally competes at the 2013 National Lead Competition


This year’s National Lead Climbing Competition was held at The Climbing Barn in Pretoria and for the first time in five years, a team from the Western Cape flew up and took part.


Despite Western Cape Climbing being represented by only eight climbers compared to the thirty-something competitors from KwaZulu Natal and the forty-something climbers from Gauteng, the small team was not deterred and brought some decent competition to the other provinces.


Saturday 28th September was a warm day that had more than 80 climbers competing in the Qualifying round.  Each category had to climb two qualifying routes in order to find their rankings for the order in which they would climb on the Sunday. 


Western Cape Climbing did not compete in all categories due to our small numbers but we had five climbers competing in the U13 Boys, one climber competing in the U15 Girls, one climber competing in the U15 Boys and one climber competing in the U19 Boys categories.  Our U15 Boys climber, Tiago Costa, just missed making it into the Semi-Finals on the Sunday by 0.5 of a point.  However, our U15 Girls climber, Mikela Sinovich, made it into the Semi-Finals and was ranking third at this stage.  Our U13 Boys climber, David Naudé, made it into the Semi-Finals, filling the second place slot.


Sunday 29th September was an extremely stressful day for all as all climbers had to complete three routes in total: the third and final qualifier route, a semi-final route and the final route.  There were some incredible falls and epic finishes and the camaraderie between all climbers – regardless of provincial teams – was exceptional.  Climbing, after all, is a very social sport and all involved fully understand the skill and strength required to get to the top of a route.  Much respect is given amongst climbers.


At the end of a very long day, the results were tallied and Western Cape Climbing, despite being the smallest of all the teams by more than a third, achieved two podium positions: Mikela Sinovich received Bronze in U15 Girls and David Naudé received Silver in U13 Boys.


Trained by Warren Gans (Vice-President of Western Cape Climbing) and Delaney Carpenter (Secretary of Western Cape Climbing and South African National Climbing Federation), the entire Western Cape Climbing team has been training at CityRock Climbing Gym (www.cityrock.co.za) in Observatory, Cape Town.  The team enjoyed a few days off when they arrived back home but they are all back at training in City Rock for the last term of this year. 


While Rock Climbing has been around for many, many years and the Western Province hosts some of the most popular climbing destinations in the world (Traditional Climbing on Table Mountain and Lion’s Head, Sport Climbing all over the Peninsula and as far as Montagu and Oudsthoorn, and bouldering all across the Peninsula and up to one of the world’s bouldering Meccas in the Cederberg known as Rocklands), the sport of indoor competition climbing has seen a varying popularity status over the years.  The Mountain Club of South Africa used to drive competition sport in the Western Cape but started focussing more on the mountain and outdoor aspect of climbing in the past twenty years.  This has left no one to pick up and run with the indoor competition climbing as a recognised sport until the South African National Climbing Federation (SANCF) was formed.  After achieving SASCOC recognition this year, the SANCF continues to support its provincial bodies, and Western Cape Climbing here in the Cape has been making enormous strides to get indoor competition climbing up and running.  Support is growing and South Africa sent its first National Team to the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) Lead Climbing Championships in Canada this year.  This is the first climbing team to have been awarded the Protea Colours.  The IFSC is petitioning to have climbing in the Olympics and with so many great leaps being taken in this country to support the sport and encourage its climbers, we may very well see a South African on an international podium in the next few years.


For more information, please contact Western Cape Climbing on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 


Final results from the 2013 National Lead Climbing Competition:


U13 Girls

1st Place                Angela Eckhart (GAU)

2nd Place               Camilla Cibulka (GAU)

3rd Place               India Cyrer (GAU)


U13 Boys

1st Place                Chris Cosser (GAU)

2nd Place               David Naudé (WC)

3rd Place               James Breytenbach (GAU)


U15 Girls

1st Place                Sabrina Veiga (GAU)

2nd Place               Tyra Munro (KZN)

3rd Place               Mikela Sinovich (WC)


U15 Boys

1st Place                Jaya Curtis (GAU)

2nd Place               Matt Robinson (GAU)

3rd Place               Katleho Pobe (GAU)


U17 Girls

1st Place                Alex Williams (KZN)

2nd Place               Caitlyn Sargeant (GAU)

3rd Place               Annabelle Slabbert (KZN)


U17 Boys

1st Place                Dale Rosser (KZN)

2nd Place               Tristan Swart (GAU)

3rd Place               Grivin Roering (GAU)


U19 Girls

1st Place                Sam Stainton (GAU)

2nd Place               Gillian Bester (GAU)

3rd Place               Carmen Naiker (KZN)


U19 Boys

1st Place                Jonathan Hare (KZN)

2nd Place               Jordan Pillai (KZN)

3rd Place               Robert Brown (GAU)


Open Ladies

1st Place                Candice Bagley (GAU)


Open Men

1st Place                Calrin Curtis (GAU)

2nd Place               Stefan Lutge (KZN)


Novice Ladies

1st Place                Jani Smith (GAU)

2nd Place               Meike Wohr (GAU)


Novice Men

1st Place                Christopher Brown (GAU)

2nd Place               Jared Schultz (GAU)