2016 National Lead Climbing Competition


Our Western Cape Provincial Team headed off to Johannesburg to the 2016 National Lead Climbing Competition this weekend, which was held at CityROCK Johannesburg.


Our Provincial Team comprised of the following athletes:


U11 Girls Top Rope:

1.       Jesse Rodrigues


U11 Boys Top Rope:

1.       Nicholas Allan

2.       Matthew Collier-Reed

3.       Joseph Gibbon

4.       Ralton Rhode


U13 Boys Top Rope:

1.       Jack Burningham


U13 Girls:

1.       Jacinth Lapin

2.       Sarah Adams


U13 Boys:

1.         John Adams

2.         Jared Rodrigues

3.         Ethan Coleman

4.         Lee James

5.         Luke Eberhard 


U15 Girls:

1.       Georgiana Dorward

2.       Monique Smit

3.       Alyssa Meyer


U15 Boys:

1.       David Naudé


U17 Girls:

1.       Mikela Sinovich

2.       Anneke Eberhard

3.       Shanay Meintjies


U17 Boys:

1.       Jake Amaler


Open Ladies:

1.       Candice Bagley



Of the above 22 competitors, we received a total of 9 podium positions as per the below:


U11 Boys Top Rope:

1.       Nicholas Allan (Gold)

2.       Matthew Collier-Reed (Bronze)


U13 Girls:

1.         Jacinth Lapin (Silver)


U13 Boys:

1.       John Adams (Gold)

2.       Jared Rodrigues (Silver)

3.       Luke Eberhard  (Bronze)


U15 Boys:

1.         David Naudé (Gold)


U17 Girls:

1.         Mikela Sinovich (Gold)


Open Ladies:

1.       Candice Bagley (Silver)




Well done to all our climbers for the hard yards and the great camaraderie! 

2015 National Lead Climbing Competition

Congratulations to our WCC Provincial Team competing at the National Lead Climbing Competition this year in JHB at the new CityROCK JHB climbing gym and hosted by Gauteng Climbing:


ETHAN       COLEMAN          U13B TOP ROPE
MONIQUE   SMIT                U13G LEAD
ALYSSA     MEYER              U13G LEAD
SARAH      ADAMS              U13G LEAD
DAVID       NAUDE             U15B LEAD
LIAM         FOXCROFT        U15B LEAD
JOHN        ADAMS             U13B LEAD
LUKE        EBERHARD         U13B LEAD
JAKE        AMALER             U17B LEAD
FLORENT  PALUD               U17B LEAD
SHELDON SMITH                U19B LEAD

We are all very proud of you! Good luck

2014 WCC Provincial Youth Team

We are pleased to announce the 2014 Western Cape Climbing Provincial Youth Team that will be taking part at the 2014 National Lead Climbing Competition on 4th and 5th October 2014 at City Rock Indoor Climbing Gym:


U13 Girls Top Rope        

1.       Eva Contomichalos

2.       Kim Groenendijk

3.       Sarah Adams

U13 Boys Top Rope        

1.       Cameron Back

2.       Finnian Roberts

3.       Jared Rodrigues

4.       Nico Contomichalos

5.       Steven Glass

U13 Girls Lead  

1.       Caroline Brown

2.       Finchie Lapin

3.       Georgi Dorward

4.       Stacey Sinovich

U13 Boys Lead  

1.       David Naude

2.       Liam Foxcroft

3.       Luke Eberhard

4.       Luke Glass

5.       Tom van Sittert

U15 Girls            

1.       Hannah Robinson

2.       Mikela Sinovich

U15 Boys            

1.       Jake Amaler

2.       Luc Pegram

U17 Girls            

1.       Amber van der Kallen

U17 Boys            

2.       Jared Robinson

3.       Sheldon Smith


We wish all our Youth Climbers the very best of luck in their training leading up to the event.

The 2014 National Lead Climbing Competition



For the first time in many, many years, the Western Cape became host to the biggest indoor climbing competition in South Africa: the 2014 National Lead Climbing Competition.


With the incredible buy-in and support of South Africa’s largest Indoor Climbing Gym, namely City Rock in Observatory, Cape Town, the stage was set to witness 113 competitors from across the country take part in this year’s National Lead Event.


Each province was allowed up to 9 competitors per each of the 12 categories.  The format of the event included two qualifier rounds on the Saturday 4th October 2014 followed by one Semi-Final and one Final Round on Sunday 5th October 2014.


With the blazing sun turning the gym into a mini-sauna, the climbers had additional challenges other than the routes themselves.  A stretch tent had been erected outside the isolation area and The Grubbery supplied a food truck to cater for the needs of the spectators, competitors and officials alike throughout the weekend. While in isolation on the Sunday, climbers could be found lounging around in the cool breeze coming in beneath the tent and through into the isolation area, fondly known as Area 51 by the local City Rock clients.


After the first day, Yo Yo Spit Braais delivered a scrumptious meal for the weary competitors and spectators as well as the hard-working routesetters.


Hats off to the phenomenal routesetting that occurred before and during the event. Chief Routesetter, Paul Bruyere, and his team of 9 routesetters spent the entire week leading up to the event setting routes and stripping the walls of the gym.  It was incredible to see how much work, deliberation and basic hard labour goes into the setting and stripping of routes.


Each category that climbed was allocated one Judge and one Scorer.  These two people were responsible for accurately capturing which climber got the highest on the route and in what amount of time.  The scoresheets were taken to the two Scores Auditors and the Chief Scorer to be entered into a Scoring Spreadsheet which would calculate and ultimately rank the climbers after each climb.  The Jury President had the final say before the results were published.


Aside from the main event, mini competitions were held in between to keep the climbers from getting bored or restless, to include spectator participation and for pure entertainment purposes.  These included a Dyno Competition, a Hangboard Competition for the younger competitors and Twister.


The competition ran very smoothly and efficiently and any queries or issues that arose throughout the event were dealt with timeously and fairly, ensuring a successful, streamlined and entertaining competition for all involved.  The running of the event was largely and almost exclusively due to the officials, namely:


·         Patrick Black (Jury President)

·         Paul Bruyere (Chief Routesetter and Judge)

·         Chris Naudé (Chief Scorer)

·         Delaney Carpenter (Organiser)

·         City Rock Staff (Venue Hosts)

·         Vanessa Sealy-Fisher (Scores Analyst)

·         Renate Sinovich (Scores Analyst)

·         Julian Lapin (WCC Judge)

·         Sandy Black (Judge)

·         Ryan Rademann (Judge)

·         Nigel Dorward (Judge)

·         Peter Costopoulos (Judge)

·         Jackie Stainton (Judge)

·         Milliza le Grange (Scorer)

·         Natalie Dorward (Scorer)

·         Linith Lapin (Scorer)

·         Matthew van der Westhuizen (Scorer)

·         Candice Lloyd (Scorer)

·         Dominic Lewis (Scorer)

·         Brett Nicolson (Scorer)

·         Cuan Lohrentz (Belay Co-Ordinator and Stripper)

·         Warren Gans (Belayer)

·         Justin Slabber (Belayer and Stripper)

·         Catherine Slabber (Belayer)

·         Cameron Smith (Belayer)

·         Sam Sserwanga (Belayer and Stripper)

·         David Gerber (Belayer)

·         Matt Young (Belayer)

·         Diedeleff Gertenbach (Belayer)

·         Tyrone Chan (Belayer and Stripper)

·         Kornel (Belayer)

·         Elzanne Robinson (Routesetter and Stripper)

·         Diedeleff Gertenbach (Routesetter and Stripper)

·         Catherine Slabber (Routesetter and Stripper)

·         Peter Costopoulos (Routesetter and Stripper)

·         David Gerber (Routesetter and Stripper)

·         Warren Gans (Routesetter and Stripper)

·         Nicholas Penny (Steward)

·         Dante Roumega (Steward)

·         Callum Stegmann (Runner)

·         John Adams (Runner)

·         Ricky Travis (Route Technician)

·         Jono Joseph (Photographer)

·         Hennie Lombard (Photographer)

·         Shamela Jacobs Medical Services

·         And an enormous thanks to our Master of Ceremonies, Dave Nell!

·         Special thanks to Vanessa, Tarryn and Lee from City Rock for everything they did to assist us – and they did a lot!


The winners of the competition are as follows:


Dyno Competition                                           Severin Curtis (GAU)

Hangboard Competition                                   Christopher Wallace (KZN)

Twister Event                                                Samantha Stainton (GAU)

U13 Girls Top Rope                                         Gold:Siphosethu Gama (KZN)

                                                                   Silver:Tasmin Southey (GAU)

                                                                   Bronze:Lauren Mukheibir (GAU)

U13 Boys Top Rope                                        Gold: Julio Mordoh (GAU)

                                                                    Silver: Christopher Wallace (KZN)

                                                                    Bronze:Matthew Bester (GAU)

U13 Girls Lead                                                 Gold: Camilla Cibulka (GAU)

                                                                     Silver:Hannah Sealy-Fisher (GAU)

                                                                     Bronze: Kristeen Slabbert (GAU)

U13 Boys Lead                                                 Gold: Tristan Young (GAU)

                                                                     Silver:Alistair Stubbs (GAU)

                                                                     Bronze: David Naudé (WCC)

U15 Girls                                                         Gold:Kayla Myburgh (KZN)

                                                                     Silver: Mikela Sinovich (WCC)

                                                                     Bronze: Angela Eckhardt (GAU)

U15 Boys                                                        Gold: Matthew Robinson (GAU)

                                                                     Silver: Luc Pegram (WCC)

                                                                     Bronze:Jake Amaler (WCC)

U17 Girls                                                         Gold:Caitlin Sargeant (GAU)

                                                                     Silver:Annabelle Slabbert (KZN)

                                                                     Bronze: Tyra Munro (KZN)

U17 Boys                                                        Gold:Jaya Curtis (GAU)

                                                                     Silver: Tristan Swart (GAU)

                                                                     Bronze: Dale Rosser (KZN)

U19 Girls                                                         Gold: Samantha Stainton (GAU)

                                                                     Silver:Rachel Sealy-Fisher (GAU)

U19 Boys                                                        Gold:Jordan Pillai (KZN)

                                                                     Silver:Donovan Hulett (KZN)

                                                                     Bronze: Justin Steyn (KZN)

Ladies Open                                                    Gold:Rachelle de Charmoy (WCC)

                                                                     Silver:Caitlin Sargeant (GAU)

                                                                     Bronze:Samantha Stainton

Mens Open                                                     Gold:Andrea Biffi (WCC)

                                                                     Silver:Sheldon Smith (WCC)

                                                                     Bronze: Jamie Smith (WCC)


Winning Province ***                                    Gauteng Climbing


***The Winning Province was calculated this year by calculating the scores of the Top 5 competitors in each category as follows:

1st Place = 5 points

2nd Place = 4 points

3rd Place = 3 points

4th Place = 2 points

5th Place = 1 point





Parents and Climbers

All the Officials of the Competition

South African National Climbing Federation

Provincial Bodies: KZN Climbing, Gauteng Climbing and Western Cape Climbing

City Rock Indoor Climbing Gym




RAM Mountaineering and associated brands Black Diamond, Boreal, Beal and Saltic

Sport Unplugged

Adventure, Inc. and associated brand Buff

Mountain Mail Order and associated brands Mammut, Evolv and Five Ten

Eiger Equipment and associated brand Petzl

Resin 8

Red Bull

Hills Wine Estate

Van Loveren Wine




SA Mountain Magazine

Climb ZA

Expresso TV Show




Yo Yo Spit Braai

The Grubbery



A huge thank you must be given to all our sponsors, particularly those who contributed the most. These events are very expensive for all concerned and without the sponsors, the calibre of these National Competitions will be low.  Western Cape Climbing has been very fortunate this year to have had such immeasurable support from our sponsors.  Much appreciation is given and we cannot thank you all enough for your contributions.