Job Description - Jury President: Speed

 1. Before the Competition

·         Has overall authority in the competition area.

·         Checks the timetable.

·         It is a good idea to collect mobile phone numbers: WCC Judge, competition doctor, organisation, isolation stewards, etc.

·         Plans and presides over all meetings of WCC officials.

·         Presides the technical meeting: makes sure he/she is fully informed about all the details of the competition before the technical meeting.

·         Inform the team managers where the official notice board is placed.

·         Inspects each route with regard to safety aspects prior to start (Top rope protection points and belaying team).

·         Makes sure the competition doctor is in attendance.

·         Determines the position of the cameras (in consulation with the Chief Routesetter) and instructs the camera crew.

·         Makes sure that food and beverages are provided for the judging team.

·         Checks the isolation zone and the call zone and makes sure everything is in accordance with the rules and regulations.

·         Checks with the Chief Routesetter if there are any problems related to the routesetting.

·         Makes contact with the speaker and gives advice and direction.

·         New: Arrange and brief the starter and starting procedure.



 2. During the Competition

·         Is responsible for the briefing of the competitors before each round (blue crosses, boundaries, etc.).

·         Answers questions of competitors during observation time.

·         Is responsible for the safety (can, for instance, stop a competitor).

·         Is responsible for the slotting after a technical incident, both in lead and boulder competitions.

·         Deals with appeals (convenes and chairs the Appeals Jury).

·         Approves and signs the final result lists.

·         Approves and signs the starting lists for the next round.

·         May issue warnings and red cards.

·         May request a medical check-up of a competitor and may, depending on the outcome of the check-up, stop the competitor from competing.

·         May permit the use of otherwise non-allowed equipment in the isolation zone (i.e. a laptop for watching DVD's, etc.).

·         May allow communication between competitors and persons outside the competition area.

·         Verifies the planned time schedule and makes corrections if necessary.

·         Deals with problems among officials (please be diplomatic and discrete).

·         Makes sure the whole team (judges, belayers, isolation stewards, camera crew, routesetters) get good working conditions and get sufficient rest between two rounds.

·         New: if manual timing is used, the Jury President organizes the time recording.



3. After the Competition

·         Takes all the official recordings and keeps them for 1 year. Notes in the report if there is any sequence that may be of interest for training/seminar purposes, and sends relevant tape(s) to the WCC Secretary:

Delaney Carpenter    

18 Nieuw Rheezicht

204 Upper Buitenkant Street

Oranjezicht, Cape Town, 8001

·         Submits a detailed report on the competition and an invoice to the WCC Treasurer/Vice President/Secretary.

·         Submits a detailed report about each Aspirant Judge to the WCC Officials Commission.

·         Organises a debriefing for the Judges and other officials if possible.