Job Description - Isolation Stewards

 1. Before the Competition

·         If needed, turn on the heating or the air-conditioning before the opening of the isolation zone.

·         Check the presence of: sufficient food and beverages, enough chairs, clock or watch.

·         Check the toilets for the competitors. If the toilet is outside the isolation room, then additional staff to accompany the competitors is needed.

·         Check what to do if medical help is needed.

·         Check the call zone, make sure it is comfortable for the competitors (at least chairs).

·         Check that there is a timetable for the competition in the isolation zone close to the starting lists.

·         Check that there are starting lists on the wall of the isolation zone and the call zone.

·         Check that the starting time of the round is mentioned on the starting list.

·         Lead: check that it is marked on the starting list when the routes will be cleaned.

·         Get the mobile phone number of the Jury President and the WCC Judge. If available, test the walkie-talkies.



 2. In the Isolation Zone

·         Always remain friendly and helpful: Competitors can be nervous and may therefore react a bit rude.

·         Competitors are not allowed to have any contact with people outside the isolation zone. They may not obtain or try to obtain information regarding the climbing routes except during the allowed observation period (not through mobile phone, camera, video, etc.) If it is observed that this rule is violated, contact the Jury President and/or the WCC Judge immediately.

·         Smoking is allowed only in the therefore assigned area (usually outside).

·         Animals are not allowed in the isolation zone. If a competitor wants to take his/her animal with him/her, contact the Jury President, who has the right to permit this.

·         Team coaches and managers in the isolation zone are subjected to the same rules as the competitors (once they have left the isolation zone, they can not return).

·         Persons allowed in the isolation zone:

ü  WCC officials

ü  Organizer's officials

ü  Competitors eligible to take part in the current round of the competitions

ü  Authorized team officials*

ü  Other persons specifically authorized by the Jury President (they must be escorted by an approved official).


*Note: maximum 5 team officials: 1 team manager, 2 team coaches, 2 qualified medical or para-medical personnel.

Team officials shall be permitted to enter and leave the isolation zone under the same conditions as those which apply to competitors.



3. In the Call Zone

·         Check that the correct competitor prepares for climbing. Make him/her put on his climbing harness and remind about putting on the climbing shoes if needed (lead and speed). Collect his/her personal belongings.

·         If possible, make sure that there are a minimum of 2 competitors ready in the call zone at any time.

·         Check the team top and bib number. The official team top shall contain:

Ø  a representation of the provincial logo or the colours of the provincial logo or the provincial sports colour

Ø  the name of the province.

The official starting number bib is provided by the competition organizer. It may not be cut or otherwise modified. It shall be displayed prominently on the back of the top. The competition organizer may provide additional starting number bibs to be placed on the competitor’s trouser leg.

·         Prevent disturbance by other competitors.

·         Don't disturb the competitor's concentration unless really necessary.

·         Note that the competitor is not allowed to go to the toilet once he/she is in the call zone.

·         Cross out the name of the competitor on the starting list after he/she has left the call zone.



Additional isolation zone for technical incidents and immediate appeals

·         Make sure the competitor can not watch the route and/or has contact with other competitors/coaches.

·         Make sure there are some warm-up facilities (if needed).

·         Make sure that at least water is provided and that the competitor gets his/her personal belongings.