WCC Code of Conduct_Technical Officials




1. Preamble


This code of conduct shall assist Western Cape Climbing to hold all sport practitioners and officials accountable for their actions.


It is further envisaged that Western Cape Climbing with the support of Western Cape Provincial Sport Confederation and SASCOC play a leading role in the implementation and monitoring of this code of conduct. This code of conduct should also form part of the regulatory mechanisms of Western Cape Climbing.


The articles of the constitution of Western Cape Climbing should reflect such.



2. Purpose


The purpose of this code of conduct is to articulate the acceptable standard of behaviour expected of a member of an association. It represents a formal statement of the values and ethical standards that guide individuals in sport.


It further outlines a set of principles and norms to which sporting people can be held accountable when representing South Africa at any sporting event.


The aim thereof, is not to simply learn more rules but rather develop certain interpretive sensitivity towards them. This can also be used as a point of reference when dealing with disciplinary procedures against members.



3. Objectives


3.1 To outline incorrect and unacceptable actions/behaviours within sport and to encourage ethical behaviour within sport, so that when the code is contravened the appropriate disciplinary action can with consistency be taken, thus responding to offences and preventing re-occurrence.


3.2 To help to resolve conflict.


3.3 To make ethical behaviour infringement easy to identify.


3.4 To enhance the ethical reputation of sports persons.


3.5 To promote respect for human dignity, rights and social justice.


3.6 Provide a framework for all sport persons to conduct their sport activities according to the following ethical principles:


• Embrace the spirit of fair play;

• Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every human being;

• Be fair, considerate, honest and respect for the law;

• Be trustworthy and professional, accepting responsibilities for their action;

• Refrain from any racial, gender, verbal, physical or emotional abuse or harassment;

• Make a positive contribution and refrain from destructive criticism;

• Act in the interest of South African sport;

• Respect all religions as equal.




4. Technical Officials

We will:


4.1 Conform to our federations’ code of conduct.


4.2 Make sure that the game is played in the spirit of fair play.


4.3 Ensure that all equipment and facilities comply with the specified federations International Standard.


4.4 Not tolerate unacceptable conduct towards officials, athletes, spectators or ourselves.


4.5 Disclose personal interest by all participants/officials at all levels.


4.6 Handle all conflicts firmly but with dignity.


4.7 Display exemplary behaviour in and out of play, promoting fair play in sport.


4.8 Develop ourselves to meet the high standard of officiating.


4.9 Make ourselves available to discussion issues before and after the game.


4.10 Commit to the fight against banned substances in sport.


4.11 Submit to the WADA code of conduct.



4.12 As technical officials discourage the promotion of tobacco and alcoholic products in sport.


4.13 Resist all forms of corruption, pressures and other compelling circumstances, which go against the spirit of fair play.


4.14 Respect other officials and athletes.




5. Commitment


5.1 In case of any violation of the provisions of this Code of Conduct, disciplinary measures as prescribed in the respective constitutions of individual entities shall be instituted and sanctions applied appropriately. Adherence and compliance to this Code of Conduct by Western Cape Climbing Practitioners, Officials, Coaches, etc. therefore becomes mandatory.



Signed by (Name): _________________________________________________


Date: ____________________________________________________________


Designation: ______________________________________________________


Signature: ________________________________________________________























Much more than playing within the rules.

It incorporates the concepts of friendships, respect for others and always playing in the right spirit. Fair play is defined as a way of thinking, not just a way of behaving. It incorporates issues concerned with the elimination of cheating, sportsmanship, doping, violence (both physical and verbal), exploitation, unequal opportunities, excessive commercialization and corruption.”



Tarnish the name of the sport.

Damage the reputation or image of the sport.

Bring the sport into dishonour.

Cause the sport to lose prestige.

Bring the sport into discredit.

Scandalise the sport.

Disgrace the sport.



A standard prescribed by a national federations International Body.



Means a national governing body of a code of sport in the Republic of South Africa, recognized as such by the relative International body and by SASCOC as the only authority for the administration and control of the relative code of sport.



The World Anti-Doping Agency.

Enforces rules & regulations which govern the abuse of banned substances in sport worldwide.



Any person who participates in sport under the authority of a sport federation or representing a team in competition



Athlete support personnel who are a holistic assistant to an athlete participating in or preparing for sport competitions or technical presentation of a specific event.



Judge, umpire/referee, starter, scorer, timekeeper, linesperson, classifiers, belayers, spotters.

Persons who enforce the rules and control the play of the participation of athletes and coaches in the competition.




A person responsible for the administration and management affairs of a sporting code.