Competing Internationally - Open Category

Anyone wishing to compete internationally in the Open Category, please see below the SANCF procedure and kindly note that the South African National Team Selections Trials this year take place over the weekend of the 25th and 26th June at CityROCK JHB for both bouldering and lead:


1.      To be eligible to automatically be able to apply to compete as a SANCF (Not as a Protea) athlete representative  one has to be a South African, a signed and paid up SANCF member and competed and podiumed (top 3) in the most recent National Competition per discipline or the most recent  SANCF Selections if we are sending a climber to a multi code World Team event i.e. World Games etc. or World championships where they will be awarded Protea colours. The Word Cups circuit falls into the first category i.e. SANCF colours.


2.      If someone was injured but had climbed in the provincials but couldn’t make nationals as a result of the injury , then we can look at a separate motivation based on their known support of the SANCF and critically their climbing and competition ability.


3.      If South African and overseas based then proof of having competed successfully  in the international local competitions is required and still the athlete needs to be a signed up and paid up SANCF member. The athlete (s) would be required to motivate in writing with the required supporting documentation.


4.      If someone wants to compete internationally as a SANCF climber  but has not met points 1-3 above but have competed regularly, are paid up members, is a top climber and wish to experience climbing in an international event they need to motivate  accordingly. From an IFSC perspective (Olympic dream) the more competitors the better and if the do learn and share their experiences with other athletes and the Youth when they get back then we can consider this. I would recommend putting in a minimum SANCF “pay back/pay forward requirement”  as a conditional point of being approved.


5.      If local based and if they have not competed in any recent provincial or national SANCF competitions, we should be tough on them as they need to support the SANCF/sport climbing through competing and not only when they want to compete overseas themselves. Very few (some have) of our Open climbers have given back to the sport after being approved by the SANCF to compete overseas so we need to send out a strong message on this.


6.      It goes without saying they need to complete all the required SANCF forms (membership and SANCF/SACOC/IFSC representation forms) and be prepared to be drug tested as the IFSC will be doing random drug testing at most competitions so as to comply with the IOC.


All applications are to be sent for consideration to the SANCF EXCO. Administratively they need the SANCF clearance letter signed by the SANCF President if they want to compete overseas for both the IFSC and SASCOC paperwork as we also are required to advise SASCOC of any overseas competitions.


Should anyone wish to be considered or wish to compete in an international event, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. which event so that we can start applying the above procedure for you.


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